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            章鱼彩票app-Doctoral Grant of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy

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            The University of Antwerp, Belgium, is seeking to fill a full-time (100%)vacancy in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy for a Doctoral Grantby the University of AntwerpResearch Fund (BOF) in the area of Burns Research group: MOVANT

            Muscle wasting is a hallmark of burns but the underlying pathophysiological pathways are not well understood. The main aim of this project is to investigate the underlying mechanisms of muscle wasting in a rat model of severe burns.

            Job deion

            1.You prepare a doctoral thesis in the field of Medicine and Health Sciences.

            2.You publish scientific articles related to the research project of the assignment.

            3.You contribute to teaching and research in the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy.

            Profile and requirements

            1.You hold a master degree in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Movement Sciences or Health Sciences.

            2.You can submit outstanding academic results.

            3.Students in the final year of their degree can also apply.

            4.Foreign candidates are encouraged to apply.

            5.Y章鱼彩票app-Doctoral Grant of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapyour academic qualities comply with the requirements stipulated in the university’s policy.

            6.You are quality-oriented, conscientious, creative and cooperative.

            7.You have a good working knowledge of English, experience with English writing is an asset.

            8.You have certified permission to carry out experimental animal research or are willing to obtain such a certificate.

            We offer

            1.a doctoral scholarship for a period of two years, with the possibility of renewal for a further two-year period after positive evaluation;

            2.the start date of the scholarship will be between October 1st 2019 and October 1st2020;

            3.a gross monthly grant rabout € 2000;

            4.a dynamic and stimulating work environment.

            How to apply?

            1.Applications may only be submitted online from this link:http://solliciteren.ua.ac.be/Default.aspx?vid=472913&fac=2&empl=100&type=bap章鱼彩票app-Doctoral Grant of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy&lang=en,

            until the closing date August 11th 2019and should include a copy of your CV and a cover letter.

            2.A pre-selection will be made from amongst the submitted applications. The remainder of the selection procedure is specific to the position and will be determined by the selection panel.

            3.The interviews of the candidates, preselected by a selection panel, will take place between August 20th and September 12th 2019.

            4.More information about the onlin银装素裹e application form can be obtained from vacatures@uantwerpen.be.

            5.For questions about the profile and the deion of duties,

            please contact Prof. Eric van Breda; +32468349192; eric.vanbreda@uantwerpen.be

            or Prof. Ulrike Van Daele, +32 (0)3 265238., ulrike.vandaele@uantwerpen.be.

            This project is a cooperative project between the University of Ant章鱼彩票app-Doctoral Grant of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapywerp and the Institute of Burns of Wuhan Third Hospital/Tongren Hospital,Wuhan University School of Medicine.The graduated doctor from the University of Antwerp may be employed by the Institute of Burns of Wuhan Third Hospital as a priority.Those who meet the requirements are welcomed to apply for the doctoral grant.If you need more information,you can contact us as well:027-68894838.

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